Warframe: Community Spotlight - Karu! (2024)

Welcome to the Community Spotlight! Thank you for spending your time with us, and let’s start things off by having you introduce yourself!

Pleasure's all mine! Nothing special here, a 23-year-old girl from the Czech Republic who exchanged jock activities for nerd fun a couple of years ago. Now all I do is doodle, play games, do fandom stuff and dream about the zombie apocalypse

Awesome! Brains for everyone! So tell us, what drew you to Warframe, and what inspired you to make the real-world versions of the different Warframes in your art?

I remember that my first ever experience with Warframe was seeing a gif on Tumblr of Trinity's deluxe skin, with the Arcturus Syandana on and she just looked so angelic and out of this world and the design itself was such a cup of my tea, that I went to give it a look. Saw it's free, it was something my laptop at that time could run and it went downhill from there!

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My Humanframe series was created solely on impulse. I've visited the Warframe tags multiple times a week and every now and then, and I saw different interpretations of the frames that never quite fit the feeling I was getting from them. So it was one of those "if no one's gonna do it your way, you might as well do it yourself" kind of thing! I always enjoyed working with people in my art, their different body language, styling, all these little things that are just packed with personality and while I'm not experienced with sci-fi designs enough to try and do frame skins, I did something I know how to do - people!

You obviously have a great sense of Fashion, as your designs have shown! Have you ever worked in Fashion Design as a career? If not, is it something you have considered?

I'm honestly surprised every time someone mentions that cause I've never felt like it's anything that special, maybe coming from a background of art schools and all these things, it makes you look different on every visual aspect of a person, fashion included. In the end, it's all about the fitting shapes and pretty colors. That being said, I've never engaged with fashion design, neither do I pursue it as I personally don't see it as one of my strong sides...

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Well, we certainly do!

Glad to hear that, perhaps it could eventually become one of my many useless talents!

Are there any clothing themes you would like to see the Warframes wearing, outside of what you have already drawn?

I was actually working on a little series of Warframes and their operators in slightly twisted-canon of the Warframe universe and for that, I was going for hours through Pinterest looking at different weirdo fashion that I could get inspired by for the operators. One of the fun parts about doing anything Warframe-related is how fluid and over the top everything is!

Well, we certainly look forward to seeing what you come up with!

Oh you better, there's a LOT Warframe stuff coming from me once I clear up my schedule a bit!

Speaking of themes, your Warframe art shows a lot of unique personalities. Which Warframes did you find hardest to embody? Which were the easiest?

I think the hardest part was to choose if I should go for the personality fitting the theme or the personality I'd give them from my experience (meaning playing with friends, fashionframing etc). Some of the ones I found the easiest were, for example, Vauban or Volt or Valkyr. Or Excalibur who was no secret based on Hayden Tenno. Well actually, there were easier than harder ones, I usually was very set on what I'm going to do with them.

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Those who weren't as obvious to me were for example Frost, Harrow, Mesa or mostly - Chroma. Which might sound weird cause all of these feel like they have a pretty strong theme to them and yet...

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So how did you feel when you saw these amazing personalities featured on Prime Time?

I've done fanart for various fandoms for multiple years now and one thing I like about it is that you're not doodling it just for yourself, but for others who enjoy this little fiction just as much as you do. So seeing people enjoy it was everything to it, but honestly, seeing bunch of my art featured in Prime Time and seeing these amazing reactions from people I look up to was so, so rewarding. Can't say I've ever had my art appreciated by the developers or anyone involved in my fandoms so this was a huge confidence boost for me and just pushed me to create more

So overall, have you found that the community has had a positive response to your embodiments of the Warframes?

I've taken a gamble with not embodying everyone in the most obvious ways and trying something different with the frames here and there, so there were cases where people didn't like that. I'm also used to the typical fandom so even with the frames I've peeked into the dynamic a.k.a. "shipping" territory and I know that's not for everyone. But all in all, it had really positive feedback and I've met some amazing people thanks to my art getting exposure so that's definitely worth noting more than anything negative!

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So as a side note, you drew [DE]Rebecca’s DnD character. If you could play any class, what would you choose and why?

Oh I'm actually about to have my first ever DnD session soon-ish so that's gonna be exciting! I've never really had a preference cause I enjoy something from all the classes, mostly I do rogues just cause it feels the most mobile and fun to work with backstory-wise, although looking at some RPG games I tend to be a bit... aggressive and in everyone's face. So perhaps something tankier would be more ideal but watch me not learning my lessons, God knows I'm gonna die on level 2 in our campaign if I keep being me!

You never know, you could have made the next legendary hero...

If our DM ever makes me out to be "the one" with those story gaps I left for them, I'll personally take over the campaign myself cause that ain't happening. My characters are trash and trash may they stay.

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The greatest heroes tend to feel that way at the beginning, perhaps?

Honestly, the best thing I could ask for is if my character has any sort of impact on the others, that's all that matters in the end.

So, back to the art, have you ever considered adding more ‘human’ characteristics to other things in Warframe? Such as the Infested, or the Sentients?

I've thought a bunch of times about where I could take what we're given, but honestly, there's a certain charm to leaving those factions as they are and only playing around with the Warframes and operators. The Orokin could be fun too, actually, my second version of a Frost Humanframe was sort of a twist cause I went for an Orokin-like design for him. God knows what he'd done to become one of those soldiers in the end, huh?

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But honestly, this sort of stuff is something I love the most about it, coming up with these little backstories and twists, like with that one set I've talked about earlier in fashion-related question. I've tried to do a thing where the operators are not just kids and frames are these...creatures? species? Like let's say that Oberon's an alien species living on Earth and just with humans, each Oberon is different (fashionframing comes in play and would feel canonical!) and one special Oberon just gets this connection with the operator, this bond that makes them fight side by side and live side by side.

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It's VERY dorky but very fun to think about all the different shenanigans between operators and Warframes and also operators between themselves

Characters are what matter the most to me in any story like you can have the most genius masterminded story, but if the characters are not visually pleasing and don't have anything to offer to me, I don't care. Warframe isn't focused on characters, but their designs are speaking enough volume for me to be creative with it.

Lastly, and this is the most important question, Kubrows or Kavats?

I apologize to the other half but it's team Kavats for me, fam.

I can't take sides, but I would totally high five you right now.

To be fair Kubrows are high tier dogs and the real ones can't compare so it's not like there are any losers here.

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Thank you, Karu for being a part of the Warframe Community Spotlight! How can our avid readers find you and your stunning work?

Thank you kindly for the opportunity to share my nerdy ideas and views! I go by TBGkaru on about all social media (Twitter, Tumblr, even in Warframe!)

We'll see you there, hungrily awaiting your next masterpieces!

I'll make sure to not disappoint!

Warframe: Community Spotlight - Karu! (2024)


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