Secrets and Easter eggs (2024)

Throughout the game there are various secret events and references.


  • 1 Starter Pokémon
    • 1.1 Player Name Starters
    • 1.2 Reset Randomized Starters
  • 2 Locations
    • 2.1 Secret Garden
    • 2.2 Rock Tunnel - Old Man's Cave
    • 2.3 Cerulean Cave - Alternative 3F
  • 3 Hidden Teleports
    • 3.1 Route 1
    • 3.2 Lavender Town Gate
  • 4 Trainers
    • 4.1 Celadon City Gym - Lass Kay
    • 4.2 Route 23 - Cool Trainer Jasper
    • 4.3 Pokémon Mansion - Scientist Frisk
  • 5 Wild Pokémon
    • 5.1 Goldenrod Department Store - Cool Dino
  • 6 Miscellaneous Dialogue
    • 6.1 PS5
    • 6.2 Trash TV
    • 6.4 Game Corner Poster
    • 6.5 Player's Reflection
    • 6.6 Mr Fuji's Wall
    • 6.7 Unsuspicious Bookshelf
  • 7 Debug Mode
    • 7.1 Route 12 - Alder
    • 7.2 Spooky Chamber
    • 7.3 Saffron City - Trespassing into Old Man's home
    • 7.4 Navel Rock - Rainbow

Starter Pokémon[]

Player Name Starters[]

In addition to the standard options of picking starters from various regions or randomizing them, there are various starters that can be obtained by entering specific names for yourself.

Player NamePlayer's StarterRival's Starter
AshSecrets and Easter eggs (1)PikachuSecrets and Easter eggs (2)Eevee/Eevee
GarySecrets and Easter eggs (3)EeveeSecrets and Easter eggs (4)Pikachu/Pikachu
GodSecrets and Easter eggs (5)BidoofSecrets and Easter eggs (6)Arceus/Omanyte
PikachuSecrets and Easter eggs (7)Golbat/DiglettSecrets and Easter eggs (8)Wailmer/Probopass
SchrromsSecrets and Easter eggs (9)Aggron/BellsproutRandom
FrogmanSecrets and Easter eggs (10)Vibrava/TentacoolSecrets and Easter eggs (11)Shellder/Mr. Mime

Reset Randomized Starters[]

Secrets and Easter eggs (12)

When playing the game with randomized starter pokemon, it is possible to rerandomize them without completely restarting the run by interacting with the plant next to the table in Oak's Lab six times.


Secret Garden[]

Secrets and Easter eggs (13)

The Secret Garden is a location to the east of Route 1 that is unlocked by defeating the rival on Route 22 for the first time. The rival fight is only available before defeating the first gym, so it is possible to miss unlocking this location.

Rock Tunnel - Old Man's Cave[]

Secrets and Easter eggs (14)

By climbing a ladder in the southwest part of Rock Tunnel B1F, the player will exit at a canyon which leads to a small cave with an old man inside. If spoken to, the old man will state "It's dangerous to go alone!", quoting the old man from The Legend of Zelda 1986 videogame who inspired the "It's dangerous to go alone!" meme. The player will also receive a Level 10 Honedge, paralleling the wooden sword that Link receives in the videogame.

Cerulean Cave - Alternative 3F[]

Secrets and Easter eggs (15)

When climbing the ladder to 3F of Cerulean Cave there is a 0.1% chance to instead enter a different version of 3F where the static Mewtwo encounter is a Level 100 fusion of Mewtwo and Shroomish. There are also other strong wild encounters unlike the normal 3F where Mewtwo is the only encounter.

Hidden Teleports[]

Route 1[]

In the upper right part of Route 1 there is a patch of four flowers. Just below them is a tile that if the player stands on and presses the action key, they will be teleported over to the left side of the map.

Lavender Town Gate[]

Secrets and Easter eggs (16)

In the sourthern gate at Lavender Town leading to Route 12 the player can move behind the right-side counter. At the very bottom, if the player pressed the action key, a dialog box will appear saying "Secret Teleport" and the player will be teleported to the opposite side, seemingly blocked from leaving by the guard. However, speaking to the guard, he will say "u wot m8?" and the player will be quickly teleported several times around the room ending up in the middle.


Some NPC trainers and their parties are references to other media.

Celadon City Gym - Lass Kay[]

On the right side of Celadon City's Gym is Lass Kay who is a reference to the Be Strong for Mother Pokémon meme started by the ohcorny's webcomic on Tumblr. Lass Kay's only Pokémon is a Weepinbell/Doduo fusion like featured in the comic, and before the battle starts she will say "Be strong, my Pokémon. Be strong for mother!"

Route 23 - Cool Trainer Jasper[]

On the southeast shore of Route 23 is a Cool Trainer called "Jasper" who is a reference the Steven Universe character of the same name. Their pre-battle quote "Fusion is just a cheap tactic to make weak Pokémon stronger!" mirrors a line said by Jasper in the television show (substituting "gems" for "Pokémon"). Appropriately, Jasper does not use any fusions in their party.

Pokémon Mansion - Scientist Frisk[]

On 1F of Pokémon Mansion is a scientist whose name is "Frisk", and his Pokémons' names "Chara" and "Gaster" are references to characters in the videogame Undertale.

After defeating him, when talking to him again he will say "Watching you battle like this.... It fills me with determination.", which is a further reference to a phrase said within Undertale when saving the game.

Wild Pokémon[]

Goldenrod Department Store - Cool Dino[]

Secrets and Easter eggs (17)

On B1F of the Department Store in Goldenrod City is a Tyrantrum sprite. Interacting with it will start a battle with a Level 50 "Cool Dino" promotional stand. The "Pokémon" is typeless, cannot be caught, and has 500 base stats in HP, Defense and Special Defense making it grindy to take down. The Cool Dino however only knows the moves Recycle and Happy Hour so can't harm the player's party (unless it uses Struggle, though it only has 1 base stat in Attack, Special Attack and Speed).

Miscellaneous Dialogue[]

Interacting with various objects in the game will display some joke dialogue or references.


Interacting with the game console in the player's room in Pallet Town will display the dialogue "It's a PS5! Take that, Nintendo!"

Trash TV[]

In the house in the lower left of Pewter City that has the dialogue "There's nothing but trash in there, what did you expect?" which is dialogue normally used for the trash cans in the game.

Cease & Desist[]

In the condominiums in Celadon City in front of the developer NPC who awards the Magic Boots is a laptop that reads "There's an email on the computer screen. It's a Cease & Desist letter from a large videogame company!"

Game Corner Poster[]

In the top right corner of the Game Corner in Celadon City is a poster that when interacted with will show the dialogue "[player name] looked behind the poster. There's nothing there!". This is a reference to the official games where there would be a switch there that would reveal the entrance to Team Rocket's hideout.

Player's Reflection[]

On 1F of the building next to the Celadon City department store is a trash can that will display the dialogue "You can see your reflection... Wait, no! It's just garbage."

Mr Fuji's Wall[]

One of the wall tiles in Mr Fuji's house in Lavender Town will show the dialogue "Why would you interact with this particular spot of the wall?"

Unsuspicious Bookshelf[]

In the western house in Mahogany Town is a book shelf concealing some stairs. Interacting with the bookshelf will show the dialogue "Nothing suspicious about this bookshelf..." which is a reference to the official games where the stairs would lead to a Team Rocket hideout.

Debug Mode[]

Some secrets can only be accessed out-of-bounds and therefore require Debug mode to access them.

Route 12 - Alder[]

Secrets and Easter eggs (18)

In the northeast corner of Route 12 is Champion Alder. If the player talks to him, he will reward the player for "glitching through the walls just to come see me" by giving them a Master Ball, and then he will disappear and the player will warp to the route's entrance.

If the player returns to where Alder was, they will find a Lustrous Orb on the ground there.

Spooky Chamber[]

Secrets and Easter eggs (19)

The Spooky Chamber is a room in Pokémon Tower that can only be accessed by using the Magic Boot's warp feature (Map ID 100), this room contains the ghost of a clown, and a gravestone that reads the player's name. Like other clowns found in Pokémon Centers throughout the game, this clown will ask to tell the player a joke and will ask for a tip too, however he only remembers one "joke" which is:

p_o_____k____e__m________o_______n________ ___i_______s____________de___a___d__

Saffron City - Trespassing into Old Man's home[]

Secrets and Easter eggs (20)

To the left of the Poké Mart in Saffron City is a green trash can. By using the Magic Boot's walk-through-walls feature to stand directly about the trash can, facing upwards and pressing the action key, the player will enter an old man's home through the window. The room can be exited either through the window used to enter, or the window on the opposite side.

If talked to, the old man will ask the player to leave and give them a Devolution Spray. Also on the floor of the room, the player can find a Pure Ball and a Status Ball.

Navel Rock - Rainbow[]

Secrets and Easter eggs (21)

Out of view above the Ho-oh/Lugia fight at Navel Rock is an arrangement of tile graphics forming a rainbow along with the word "Allo!"

Secrets and Easter eggs (2024)


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